How to load picture in C Program.

You can make use of OleLoadPicture function. This function converts different formats not only gif file format but .jpg, .bmp, .ico, .emf, .wmf into an IPicture interface. Then you can make use of IPicture::Render function to display the picture.

Try and let us know whether you could succeed.

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  2. hello i am trying to send a bmp file through socket this is the sender but for a reason my buffers do not other bits than 0 or 255 and my image is white ...could someone help me please

    #include /* for type definitions */
    #include /* for socket API function calls */
    #include /* for address structs */
    #include /* for sockaddr_in */
    #include /* for printf() */
    #include /* for atoi() */
    #include /* for strlen() */
    #include /* for close() */

    int main (int argc,char **argv)
    int error;
    int s;
    int q,w,e,r;
    unsigned char buf1 [49152];
    unsigned char buf2 [49152];
    unsigned char buf3 [49152];
    unsigned char buf4 [49152];

    size_t len;
    FILE * fp;
    unsigned long cnt,im_row,im_col;
    unsigned char tc;
    unsigned int w1,w2,width,height,h1,h2,offset,bpp,j;
    unsigned int padd,i,l;
    unsigned char image[256][256][3];
    unsigned char tmpim[196608];

    struct addrinfo hint, *res;
    struct addrinfo *multi;

    memset( &hint, 0, sizeof( hint ) );
    hint.ai_family = AF_INET6;
    hint.ai_socktype = SOCK_DGRAM;
    hint.ai_protocol = 0;

    error = getaddrinfo( "ff02::1", NULL, &hint, &res );

    if( error != 0 ) {
    perror( "getaddrinfo" );


    struct sockaddr_in6 * addr = (struct sockaddr_in6*)res->ai_addr;
    addr->sin6_port = htons( 7890 );
    addr->sin6_scope_id = 2; // 2 happens to be the interface ID
    s = socket( AF_INET6, SOCK_DGRAM, 0 );

    if ( !(fp=fopen("Anemos.bmp","rb")))
    printf("Unable to load bin file: %s...\n","Anemos.bmp");
    cnt = 0;
    while (!feof(fp)) {
    tc = fgetc(fp) & 0x0ff;

    if (cnt==10) offset=tc;
    if (cnt==18) w1=tc;
    if (cnt==19) w2=tc;
    if (cnt==22) h1=tc;
    if (cnt==23) h2=tc;
    if (cnt==28) bpp=tc;
    if ((cnt==30)&&(tc>0)) printf("ERROR!! Cannot Handle BMP files with Compression!!!\n");
    if (cnt==53) break;


    width = w1+w2*256;
    height = h1+h2*256;

    int BMPRES_X = width;
    int BMPRES_Y = height;

    padd = 0;
    printf("W:%d, H:%d Image Data Starts at:%d with %d bits/pixel \n",width,height,offset,bpp);

    for ( im_row=0;im_rowai_addr, res->ai_addrlen ) !=49152) {
    printf( "Error sending buf1\n" );
    printf(" afou dn stalthike o protos buffer tote diakoptete i apostoli\n");
    } else printf("Buf1 OK! \n",buf1);

    if( sendto( s, buf2, 49152, 0, res->ai_addr, res->ai_addrlen ) !=49152) {
    printf( "Error sending buf2\n" );
    } else printf("Buf2 OK!\n");

    if( sendto( s, buf3, 49152, 0, res->ai_addr, res->ai_addrlen ) !=49152) {
    printf( "Error sending buf3\n" );
    } else printf("Buf3 OK!\n");

    if( sendto( s, buf4, 49152, 0, res->ai_addr, res->ai_addrlen ) !=49152) {
    printf( "Error sending buf4\n" );
    }else printf("Buf4 OK!\n");



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