What are the Advantages of using UNIX with C ?

Well Friends as we know that C can do Much More Different with diferent OS but as best UNIX is cool whys its best partner of C ???? Lets Know....

Portability -- UNIX, or a variety of UNIX, is available on many machines. Programs written in standard UNIX and C should run on any of them with little difficulty.
Multiuser / Multitasking -- many programs can share a machines processing power.
File handling -- hierarchical file system with many file handling routines.
Shell Programming -- UNIX provides a powerful command interpreter that
understands over 200 commands and can also run UNIX and user-defined programs.

Pipe -- where the output of one program can be made the input of another. This can done from command line or within a C program.
UNIX utilities -- there over 200 utilities that let you accomplish many routines without writing new programs. e.g. make, grep, diff, awk, more ....
System calls -- UNIX has about 60 system calls that are at the heart of the operating system or the kernel of UNIX. The calls are actually written in C. All of them can be accessed from C programs. Basic I/0, system clock access are examples. The function open() is an example of a system call.
Library functions -- additions to the operating system.

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History Of C..

In the beginning was Charles Babbage and his Analytical Engine, a machine
he built in 1822 that could be programmed to carry out different computations.
Move forward more than 100 years, where the U.S. government in
1942 used concepts from Babbage’s engine to create the ENIAC, the first
modern computer.
Meanwhile, over at the AT&T Bell Labs, in 1972 Dennis Ritchie was working
with two languages: B (for Bell) and BCPL (Basic Combined Programming
Language). Inspired by Pascal, Mr. Ritchie developed the C programming

My 1st Program...

void main ()
clrscr ();
printf ("\n\n\n\n");
printf ("\t\t\t*******Pankaj *******\n");
printf ("\t\t\t********************************\n");
printf ("\t\t\t\"Life is Good...\"\n");
printf ("\t\t\t********************************");
getch ();

Next Step...


void main ()
clrscr ();
printf ("\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n");
printf ("\t\t\t --------------------------- \n\n");

printf ("\t\t\t | IGCT, Info Computers, INDIA | \n\n");
printf ("\t\t\t --------------------------- ");

getch ();